2022 - 2023
BOD * Officials * Queen * Sweetheart * Mascot

Advisory Board

Susan Arnold

Pumpkin Culpepper
Vicki Gannaway

June Lozano

Christina Mutz

Emeritus Board

George Camp

Linda Stafford 

Honorary Trail Bosses

George Camp
*Terry Reichel*

Trail Boss

Michael Dunn

Assistant Trail Bosses

Jarred Pollard


Mike Loveday

Deputy Marshal

Captain of Scouts

Aaron Hauser


​Vice President





Trail Boss









Cheryl Darden

Jimmie Pollard

Sandra Robinson

Liz Vesely

2022 - 2023 Board of Directors​
2022 - 2023 SWEETHEART
Glenda Miles 

Rodney Camp

Ray Garcia

Ray Todd

Arlis Young

 2022- 2023 QUEEN 
Madison Busselman

2022- 2023 MASCOT
Lyla Laurence

Denny Schilling

Pumpkin Culpepper

Lisa J. Barnhill

Liz Vesely

Linda Kay Murphy

Michael Dunn

Robbie Busselman

Coy Dunn

Gayle Gibson

Jeremy Gibson

Aaron Hauser

Mike Loveday

Ben Moczygemba

Jarred Pollard

Trail Riders, New & Old - We Are In Need Of Your Help!!!

If you can write your name, help in a serving line, have a good clean driving record to assist in driving our rolling stock, wash a cup or plate or take out the trash - please call any one of these Committee Chairpersons.  Even if it is only a couple of times that you can help, every little bit helps.  It takes everyone in STTR to get this ride down the road.  Thanking you in advance for donating your time, talents and treasures to STTR 

President: Denny Schilling  (979) 373-6304
Vice President: Pumpkin Culpepper  (830) 623-0878
Trail Boss: Michael Dunn  (361) 779-0715
Membership Chairperson: Vicki Gannaway  (210) 378-4846
Brochure Chairperson: 
Chuckwagon Chairperson: Denny Schilling/Jeremy Gibson

Food & Donations Chairperson(s): Gayle Gibson/Joyce Moore
Soundtruck Chairpersons: Linda Kay Murphy/Lisa J. Barnill
Skid-O-Can Chairperson:

Clean Up/Trash Chairperson(s): Robbie Busselman/Mike Loveday

Equine Welfare Committee Chairperson(s): Denny Schilling/Julia Loveday/Brandon Ortega
Raffle Chairperson: 

Auction Chairperson: Jennifer Pollard

Publicity Chairperson(s): Pumpkin Culpepper/Liz Vesely

Queens Coordinator/Chairperson: Cheryl Darden

Scholarship Chairperson: Joyce Moore 
Fundraising Chairperson: Gayle Gibson

Trophies Chairperson: Ben Moczygemba

Band/Entertainment Chairperson(s): Jarred Pollard/Liz Vesely

Decorations Chairperson:

Photographer/Photography Chairperson(s): Jessica Gibson

Website/Facebook/Instagram Chairperson: Liz Vesely
Historian Chairperson: Carolyn Young  (361) 510-8935

Brands Chairperson: Jarred Pollard

Shuttle Chairperson: Jeremy Gibson

Wagon Wheel Chairperson: Aaron Hauser

Concessions Chairperson: Mike Loveday