Trail Riders, new & old - we are in need of your help!!!

If you can write your name, help in a serving line, have a good clean

driving record to assist in driving our rolling stock, wash a cup or plate

or take out the trash - please call any one of these Committee Chairpersons.

Even if it is only a couple of times that you can help, every little bit helps. 

It takes everyone in STTR to get this ride down the road.  

Thanking you in advance for donating your time,

talents and treasures to STTR.

Michael Dunn, Trail Boss (361) 779-0715
Vicki Gannaway, Membership Chairperson (210) 378-4846
Thomas Hall, President (318) 880-1181
Matthew Miller, Chuckwagon Co-Chairperson (830) 299-5503

Jeff Schnoor, Chuckwagon C0-Chairperson (210) 386-2332
Michael Dunn, Soundtruck Chairperson (361) 779-0715

Karl Wiggins, Clean Up Chairperson (361) 688-8424
Jarred Pollard, Skid-O-Can Chairperson (830) 534-4632

STTR 2018 Summer Weekend Rides

Click here for flyer (pdf)

***Update: April 28th Ride - Although the address is in Karnes City, you can type in “2856 CR 305, Gillett, TX” and it will take you to the ranch.
****Friday Registration is from 5-7 pm, Supper 6-7:30 pm Crawdad Boil. Saturday morning Breakfast you are on your own, Registration for anyone that shows up then. Ride out will be at 9am, Lunch will be provided on the ride, Supper provided back at camp. Sunday Ride Out 9am to noonish, breakfast on your own, then break to go home***

STTR 2018 Election rIDE - april 6-8, 2018Click here for pics on Facebook  

***Next STTR Board Meeting***

Sunday, April 29, 2018 @ 2:00 PM @ David Crew's Ranch, 2856 County Road 305,

Karnes City, TX.  Although the address is in Karnes City, you can type in “2856 CR 305,

Gillett, TX” and it will take you to the ranch.


Michael Dunn 2019 -

Arlis Young 2010 - 2018
George W. Camp 2000-2009

Terry Reichel 1997-1999

*Harvey Tinnell* 1993-1996*Howard Stulting* 1966-1992*Jim Wright* 1959-1965 

A Big South Texas Welcome!
To all Wagoneers, Mule Skinners, Stage Coaches, Wagons and Buggies

*Buck "Honey Boy" Delano* 
& Mrs. Maxine Delano,
Wagon Ambassadors 
(361) 991-9517 

The purpose of the South Texas Trail Riders, Inc. is social and the association is

formed to stimulate, promote and encourage the love of horses, riding and good fellowship, to perpetuate the memory of the original trail riders, and to promote

the interests of livestock raising and agriculture.


South Texas Trail Riders, Inc.
P.O. Box 261307
Corpus Christi, Texas 78426


If you would like to become a sponsor and/or donor of STTR or know of a business

or individual who would, help us keep the tradition going, please click HERE for a

contact letter and a little more info about the South Texas Trail Riders, Inc.

(since October 2007) 

Curly Dunn - Trail Rider 
Jim Masur - Past President & Life Member 
Howard Stulting - Past Trail Boss & Life Member 
Susan Ott - Past Sweetheart 1987  & Trail Rider 
Buck “Honey Boy” Delano - Ambassador  & Trail Rider  
Donald E. Kemp - Trail Rider    
Mike Rhea - Vice President  & Trail Rider
Mary Beth McCallister - Past Sweetheart 1972  & Trail Rider
Oscar Rangel - Trail Rider 
Bill Williams - Trail Rider   
Pudgie Wittner - Past Board of Director & Trail Rider
Ettoil "Duck" Eller - Life Member
Hall Pusley - Past President & Trail Rider
Vicki Steen - Trail Rider
Paul Hauert - Trail Rider
Carlos Kelly - Trail Rider
Roger Douglas - Trail Rider
David Leslie "Les" Roper - Past Capt. of Scouts & Trail Rider
Marjorie Ray Smothers - Past Sweetheart 1974 & Trail Rider
Leandrew "Fat Daddy" Kendall - Wagon Scout & Trail Rider
Modene Bastian - Trail Rider
Aunt Jinks Elliott -Life Member & Soundtruck Assistant
Gloria Reiter - Trail Rider
Doug Van Dorn - Trail Rider
Larry McGee - Trail Rider & Scout
Daniel B. Puckett - Trail Rider
Shurley Masur - Life Member
Chris Clark - Life Member & Past Sweetheart 1990
George Reiter - Trail Rider
Ray Garza - Trail Rider
Gary Dedman - Trail Rider
Joe Ysasi - Trail Rider
Doug Grover - Past President, Advisory Board & Trail Rider
Kasper "Kapp" Mutz - Trail Rider
Larry Ramos - Past Marshall & Past Capt. of Scouts & Trail Rider
Raymond "Mundo" Earwood - Trail Rider
Linda Ann Lynch - Trail Rider
Bill Bode - Life Member
Ray Barnes - Trail Rider
Kent Midgett - Trail Rider
Marlin Koerth - Trail Rider
Michael (Bad Bob) McDevitt - Trail Rider
Dickie Laubach - Trail Rider
Bertie McCain Allen - 1st Woman STTR President & Sweetheart & Trail Rider
O.B. Garcia, Jr. - Trail Rider

Marvin Christensen - Skid-O-Can Chairperson & Trail Rider

Maxine Wagener Bode - Life Member

Luke Wayne Branson - Trail Rider

Ona Wright Van Dorn - Co-Founder of STTR & Past Sweetheart

Sonny Cathey - Past Board Member & Trail Rider

Edward "Ed" Quirk - Past Deputy Marshall & Trail Rider

Johnny Russell - Trail Rider

Tom Robinson - Past Board of Director & Trail Rider

Rosy Gregory Castilleja - Trail Rider

A. E. Gene Allen - Trail Rider

Mike McNeme - Past Deputy Marshal & Trail Rider
These dear friends will be deeply missed. 

"Keeping The Cowboy Tradition Alive" 


The meaning behind the Frank Hoch Award is for ALL the time, energy & devotion that Frank gave to the South Texas Trail Riders.  He was Vice President for George Camp in 1972 & 1973 and he was President in 1974 & 1975.  In 1974 it was the largest membership EVER for the South Texas Trail Riders at 1,578 when Frank was President.  A recipient of the Frank Hoch Award is someone who has dedicated decades to STTR and devoted their time, energy, talents and devotion to the club.

1992          Sandra Hoch-Robinson                              2014           Tinker Dunn

1993          George Camp                                               2015           Jimmie Pollard

1994          Harvey Tinnell *                                         2016           Ona Wright Van Dorn *

1995          Bertie McCain Allen *                                 2017           Vicki Gannaway

1996          Terry Reichel                                               2018           Liz Vesely

1997          Lee Skaggs *

1998          Howard Stulting, Sr. *

1999          Jim Masur *

2000          Rodney Camp

2001          Aunt "Jinks" Elliott *

2002          Rick Clark

2003          Lynwood Eller *

2004          Chris Clark *

2005          Buck* & Maxine Delano

2006          Ray "Bubba" Todd

2007          Pat "P" Doty

2008           Arlis Young

2009          Virgil Culpepper

2010          Melvin Moore

2011          Doug Grover *

2012          Pumpkin Culpepper

2013          Ray Garcia

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